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product description
Automatic continuous aerosol cap presser 
It can automatically fulfill four actions (feeding caps, arranging caps, grabbing caps and 
pressing caps). The fast-speed rotary star wheel of the cap presser will convey the cap into 
pressing cap station. The caps will be pressed onto the top of can in the pressing cap 
Technical parameter:

Caps specification

All kinds of flat-top caps(without hat-shaped cap and out-lug cap)

Arranging caps method

Automatically arrange the cap by vibratory feeder

Applicable aerosol diameter(mm)


Applicable aerosol height(mm)




Air pressure (Mpa)


Air consumption(m3/min)


Power (kw)

0.25(elevator), 0.18(selector), 0.37(main shaft motor), 0.18kw(caps conveying belt motor)

1.φ1000 selector, horizontal cap conveying belt, with cap elevator, boosting with air.
2.Full automatic feeding caps system, saving the time and labor, stable performance and high reliability.
3.PCL control system, man-machine interface, simple operation.
4.The caps feeding system will stop if the caps in the pathway are full, it won't press the cap if there is no cap or no can.
5.Adopts high-tech caps lifting system to improve the capacity and expand the caps application range.
6.It can change the driving parts according to the different aerosol cans.
7.It can automatically detect each monitoring station failure to remove the fault in time.


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