Automatic cassette gas filling machine




Full automatic cassette gas filling machine
This butane gas filling machine includes bottle arrange machine, cassette gas valve feeding machine, vacuuming filler, capper, inflator, small caps presser, conveyer belt, explosion proof motor, etc. Cassette gas cartridge aerosol filling line can also be equipped with labeler, weighing machine, water bath leakage teste, etc. for improving the automation of production line and achieving the goal of reducing staff.
Application range
This cassette cookers filling machine is used for filling various commercial cassette gas, refrigerant gas, Primus LP-Gas, etc.
Technical parameter:

Applicable valve

Aerosol valve and thread spray valve

Single head gas filling volume (ml)


Gas filling accuracy (%)


Compressed air pressure(Mpa)


Air consumption(m3/min)


Applicable aerosol cans diameter  (mm)


Applicable aerosol height(mm)


Capacity (Cans/hr)


1.LPG gas cartridge filling machine adopts air pressure transmission mechanical structure to eliminate the unsafe factors of sparking when using electricity, which can meet the requirements of fire and explosion protection. The sealing system and the gas filling system can adot independent control or linkage control. 
2.The capper is used for internal expansion sealing all types of aerosol cans with 1 inch valves.
3.Adopts automatic vacuum pumping system, the filled gas is pure and pollution-free.
4.The inflator system with German Tetrafluorine sealing gasket is anti-friction and corrosion-resistant.
5.Reliable working, simple operation, convenient maintenance, small occupied area.
6.Because the capping speed is faster than the inflation speed, the customer can choose the double inflatable system to improve the working efficiency according to high yield requirement.
7.Both tinplate can and aluminum can are applicable.
8.We can custom this automatic cassette gas filling line according to customer’s requirement. The capacity is up to 30,000 cans per day.



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