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QGJ automatic aerosol filling machine

product description
QGJ-1 automatic PU aerosol foam filling machine
This automatic aerosol foam filling line includes cans arrange machine, Polyurethane white material filler, Polyurethane black filler, PU valve feeding machine, capper, inflator, conveyer belt, explosion proof motor, etc. Automatic PU foam aerosol filling machine can also be equipped with labeler, weighing machine, on-line swing vibration, automatic box filling machine for making the production line more perfect.
Finished product application range
This finished product of automatic PU foam aerosol filler is widely used for sealing and filling window or door side seam, expansion joint and holes.
Technical parameter:

Application valve


Liquid filling volume (ml)


Liquid filling accuracy(%)


Inflation volume (ml)


Inflation accuracy (%)


Application can diameter (mm)


Application can height(mm)


Working pressure (Mpa)


Gas consumption (m3/min)


Product capacity (Can/hr)

1800~3600(It is according to finished product filling volume)

1.The filling precision of filling nozzles can be adjusted. 
2.The surface of machine is made of anti-corrosive
3.Anti-corrosive special valves, unique vacuum design to avoid leaking
4.The machine is designed with high-speed mass flow isobar filling valve to ensure the high filling speed and precise liquid level without any loss. 
5.Filling nozzles are made of anti-corrosive plastic
6.Safety design for no bottle, no filling, smooth and reliable working.
7.PCL control system, man-machine interface, easy to operation


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