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Automatic high purity medical oxygen filling machine

product description
Full automatic high purity medical oxygen filling machine
Automatic medical oxygen aerosol filling line includes cans arrange machine, valve feeding machine, capping and inflating machine, under-cap filing machine, conveyer belt, explosion proof motor, etc. Automatic health care oxygen filling machine can also be equipped with ultraviolet sterilizer, labeler, weighing machine, water bath leakage teste, etc. for making the production line more perfect.
Applicable range: Automatic dynamic oxygen aerosol filling machine is mainly used for filling the liquified oxygen in aerosol cans to make the medical, health care and dynamic oxygen.
Technical parameter:

Applicable valve


Filling pressure(Mpa)


Filling oxygen accuracy(Mpa)


Filling oxygen purity(%)


Working pressure (Mpa)


Capacity (Can/hr)


1.Compact structure, low investment, high return business.
2.Sealing caps have automatic locking device to assure the sealing position.
3.The filling speed can be adjustable, we can achieve the purpose of no cans, no filling and without loss.
4.Electric components adopt famous foreign brand.
5.PCL control system, man-machine interface, simple operation.



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