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Full automatic continuous aerosol actuator pressing machine

product description
Automatic continuous aerosol actuator pressing machine
Automatic fast speed aerosol actuator pressing machine includes vibrating sorter, spay head presser and PLC programmed control. Automatic continuous aerosol actuator placer conveys the cans continuously with motor drive to improve the capacity. Automatic continuous aerosol spray nozzle actuator pressing machine uses a vibrating sorter for the actuator and supplies actuators to the pressing machine automatically. The pressing force can be micro adjusted to be sure that the actuator is fully fixed but no accidently spray. 
Technical parameter:

Actuator specifications

Various actuator on 1 inch valves

Arranging actuator method

Vibratory hopper

Applicable aerosol diameter(mm)


Applicable aerosol height(mm)




Working pressure (Mpa)


Air consumption(m3/min)


1.High speed, low noise, automatization.
2.It is equipped with pneumatic single indexing drive and is specially designed to place a wide range of actuators on the aerosol cans.
3.It is designed to be lined up in a complete aerosol filling line or used as a separate equipment.
4.It uses the vibratory hopper to feed the actuator, double adjusting seat can adjust can’s height and nozzle head height separately.
5.Safety design for no bottle, no filling, smooth and reliable working.
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