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2018-09-11 16:30

Since China joined the WTO in 2001, companies in all walks of life related to liquid and paste filling products are strengthening their adjustments to meet the needs of the international market. In recent years, market competition has become more and more fierce. In order to maintain their competitive advantages, strength and dominance, enterprises in all walks of life related to liquid paste filling products have become more specialized, personalized, humanized and rational. The appearance of the product gives a strong visual impact.
    In the field of pharmaceutical filling, the filling of bottles of pharmaceuticals is strange and unique. Many manufacturers have applied for patents in the shape of bottles, and there are few similarities. For example, the new suppository putter type medicine has gradually replaced the old duckbill-shaped torpedo-shaped packaging shell, and there are more exotic slender neck soft plastic bottle bottles, various glass bottles with a bottle mouth of only 1.2 mm, and aerosols. Bottles, shaped oral liquid bottles, bio-health bottles, perfume bottles, bottle necks, inverted triangle bottles, combination reagent bottles, bottles are exquisite, amazing. Even if it is a company that has been engaged in the production of filling machines for decades, it is necessary to manufacture a filling machine suitable for individualized bottles such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, bio-health products, alcohol, beverages, etc. problem.
    Our factory has a history of more than 40 years of filling machine production. In order to meet the needs of individualized development of filling machines, we fully mobilize the innovation enthusiasm of the whole plant scientific research personnel, and draw on the advantages of various types of filling machines at home and abroad. The advantages of smooth defoaming and filling are combined with the advantages of the Shanghai rotary rotary cap and the compact structure of the whole machine. It lasted for 5 years and developed a state-of-the-art, set: bottle type, wide range, bottle in bottle Multi-functional filling machine with good sorting, accurate alignment, stable filling, sufficient defoaming, accurate cover and reliable rotation (rolling and pressing).
    Our multi-functional filling machine, such as Transformers, can be combined at will to realize automatic batch filling of various shaped bottles and small bottles. Please refer to the various bottle types listed on our website, all bottle shapes can be filled smoothly.
    After the successful development of the multi-functional filling machine, it has been rapidly promoted and used at home and abroad. There are users in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asia. This machine is mainly used for medicines, tinctures, safflower oil, wind oil essence, normal water, eye drops, new oral liquid, new suppositories, ointments, aerosols, bio-health products, beverages, jellies, cosmetics, perfumes, noodles. Filling of oil, shampoo, nail polish, lipstick, etc.
    Now, we can confidently say that no matter how big your filling problem or how weird the bottle shape is, we can give you a satisfactory filling solution within 1 day. Do you believe it?

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