Small packaged foods are popular, promoting the development of the filling machinery industry


2018-09-11 16:30

The Spring Festival is a good time for all walks of life to work hard, and the edible oil industry is no exception. So what is the popularity of this year's edible oil market? Small packaged cooking oil has become the focus of everyone's attention.
In the 1980s, when people were eating oil, they went to the grain store to buy a pound of soybean oil or two pounds of rapeseed oil. More than a decade ago, almost no one dared to imagine what market China's small packaged oil would have. With the rapid development of the domestic economy, a large number of food companies have launched, coupled with the improvement of people's living standards, domestic oil sources can not meet the needs of household consumption. At this stage, there is no small-package edible oil in China. The market is full of bulk edible oils with more impurities, more fumes, and health and safety. The market for small-package edible oils that meet international health standards is still blank. In the late 1980s, Guo’s brothers group, a well-known Asian multinational company in Malaysia, visited the domestic and international markets and thought that small packaging oil would definitely have a huge market in China. It was finally determined to set up the South China Sea Oil Industry in 1990 (Chiwan). ) Co., Ltd. started the production of the first batch of small-package edible oil in China. The first brand launched was Arowana.
As people pay more attention to their health, the market for packaged edible oil is expanding. The family's continuous small group, small-package edible oil market is not wide. At the same time, actively developing small packaging oil business, creating quality end products and good corporate brand, is important for oil companies to improve the industrial chain, enhance market competitiveness, and improve the pertinence, timeliness and effectiveness of service regulation. significance. Therefore, near the New Year, major shopping malls and e-commerce companies have made moves to promote the sale of edible oil.
The popularity of small packaged foods has promoted the development of the filling machinery industry. The filling machine is a machine for filling objects. It is a small type of product in the packaging machine. It is divided into semi-automatic filling machine and automatic filling production line from the automation degree of production; it can be divided from the packaging angle of materials. For liquid filling machinery, paste filling machine, powder filling machine, particle filling machine. With the QS certification of food, manufacturers of edible oils have begun to pay attention to product quality and packaging, so oil filling machinery has become increasingly prominent in filling machinery.
Edible oil filling machinery also has double-head semi-automatic edible oil filling machine, semi-automatic oil filling production line, automatic oil filling production line and other mechanical equipment. As market demand becomes more diverse, automated filling machines are more popular.

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