How do we extend the life of the filling machine?


2018-09-11 16:28

    How to extend the life of the filling machine? I believe this is a problem that every filling machine customer is eager to understand. When we usually fill a mechanical device, the original service life of the filling machine is ten years. As a result, we can't do it on the mechanical equipment itself. Regular maintenance and so on will reduce the life of the filling machine to eight years or less. This has caused us huge economic losses and brought a lot of inconvenience to our work. Below we Wuhan Dongtai filling machine and everyone to understand how to extend the life of the filling machine.
    First of all, before we operate the filling machine, we must clearly understand the instructions of the filling machine, first look at the manual again, familiar with the adjustment and use of the filling machine, the operation must be strictly in accordance with the filling machine The instructions to explain the operation, pay attention to the details of the problem, must determine the success or failure of the details.
    Secondly, according to the instructions, the machine is regularly repaired and maintained. The body of the filling machine is wiped with oil to protect the body of the filling machine with oil layer. This can isolate the air and prevent the filling machine from rusting. Good protection of the body of the filling machine, which is also a way to extend the life of the filling machine.
    Again, we must pay attention to the cleaning of the hot-pressing sealing varnish, do not keep foreign matter on the top, to ensure that the filling machine is as clean as possible, to avoid corrosion caused by the material leaving the inlet for a long time.
    Fourth, we must check the machine frequently to see if the contact between the various parts of the machine is good. Make sure to use electricity safely to prevent damage caused by improper use of electricity.
    Fifth, when a fault is found, we should turn off the power in time, press the emergency stop button if necessary, lift the cover after deflation, then turn off the voltage, check the cause, and troubleshoot.
    Sixth, in the process of using the linear filling machine, some small problems are inevitable. When there is a problem with the filling machine, don’t try to find out the after-sales service and find the filling machine. A professional service team comes to repair our filling machines.

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