Competition is becoming more and more fierce. The filling and capping machinery should be developed in a stable manner.


2018-09-11 16:31

At present, the competition of packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. The future filling and capping machinery will cooperate with industrial automation to promote the overall level of packaging equipment. Filling and capping machines are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, beverage industry, and daily chemical industry.
In the pharmaceutical industry, the filling of some liquid medicines or the filling of viscous liquids originates from filling and capping machines. Such as: Sanjing oral liquid, sputum cream, etc. can be filled with a liquid filling capping machine or a paste filling and capping machine.
In addition, the chemical industry and special paste or liquid products can be filled and capped using a filling and capping machine, which guarantees product quality and reduces pollution.
Starting late, the quick launch is the main feature of the domestic filling and capping machine work. At that time, the work has now entered the period of product planning adjustment and advancement. Some packaging machinery has filled the domestic gap and has been able to meet the needs of domestic shopping malls. Some products are also exported. However, the overall situation is large but not strong, the substance is not high, and the independence is simple and thin, and the world competitiveness is not strong.
The transformation of the filling and capping machine towards high-end has gradually revealed its weak development momentum, and the automation and intelligence of the equipment will advance significantly. At that time, the new packaging model with intelligent and automatic functions will gradually replace the traditional as the mainstream. This is an effective way for packaging machinery companies to continue to develop and is the ultimate policy for technological innovation.
The deployment of the filling and capping machine presents an infinite potential. Although domestic packaging machinery work has taken the initiative of domestic shopping malls, it still lacks in the ability to meet high-end equipment. Further advancement of work concentration, optimization of production capacity planning, advance development and production of high-end filling and capping machines will become the basis for the completion of the world packaging center policy.
Due to the rapid development and fierce competition, some enterprises that cannot keep up with the pace of social development are also facing bankruptcy or business transformation. At the same time, many new enterprises have joined the ranks, which seriously hinders the stability of their industry development. Therefore, we should consider from the perspective of market changes, and we must ensure stability and development.

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