New stainless steel aerosol filling machine


2018-09-11 16:31

Based in the first iron-based aerosol filling machine, the Institute of Electronics Science and Technology of Hefei University of Technology has successfully developed a new type of stainless steel aerosol filling machine with a wide range of uses. In the traditional sense, the iron machine that is easy to rust, at the same time marks a new revolution of the filling machine, fills the market gap, has obvious social and economic benefits, and has "a broad prospect for promotion."
    The machine has strong practicability and reasonable price. Each machine is only about 2-3 thousand yuan. The design is novel and unique, the structure is reasonable, and the process technology is perfect. Only 220V is required. One person can operate. It has the characteristics of non-corrosion, full function, accurate measurement, disassembly and assembly, convenient maintenance and high work efficiency. It can be used for aerosol insecticide, angry freshener, motorcycle, car carburetor cleaning agent, polishing wax, self-painting, Glass anti-frost, defogging, anti-icing agent, loose rust plastic rubber release agent, precision instrument, range hood cleaning agent, leather refurbishment agent and industrial, household chemical aerosol and other hundreds of aerosol products Filling production.
    Practice has proved that the introduction of the aircraft only needs to rent a door of about 10 square meters, and start an aerosol filling service department or establish a door-to-door service business. The establishment of on-site filling points and the production of aerosol plants can provide entrepreneurs with absolute business opportunities.

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