The optimization and adjustment of the filling machine needs to be taken from the perspective of environmental protection


2018-09-05 09:36

With the development of society, people's awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased, and the concept of green has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Green security has become the primary concern of people. More and more people are beginning to resist white pollution products.
Driven by retailer demands, public awareness, economic pressures and government policies, the green concept has penetrated into every device in the pharmaceutical industry – from the source of the raw materials to the processing, to the final treatment of the product – And eventually evolved into a very complex issue.
Because the level of manufacturing of our filling machinery is very different from that of foreign countries. Therefore, it is difficult to rely solely on independent innovation to develop the road of introducing technology and combining with independent innovation.
At present, the competition for pharmaceutical packaging machinery is becoming increasingly fierce. The future pharmaceutical packaging machinery will cooperate with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, and develop multi-functional, high-efficiency, low-consumption pharmaceutical packaging equipment. The filling machine industry should follow the pace of the entire packaging machinery industry.
Traditional packaging machinery adopts mechanical control. In the current era of rapid advancement of science and technology, the emergence of various new technologies, new processes, new materials and new equipment is no longer a development of a single discipline, but related to each other. Interdisciplinary and complementary results of disciplines and advanced technologies.
Zyzhan experts said that the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” is a crucial period for the packaging machine industry to achieve leap-forward development. As a part of the society, enterprises must bear corresponding social responsibilities, do a good job in packaging waste disposal and resource recycling and reuse work. Our packaging industry achieves green sustainability. As an important part of packaging machinery, canned equipment must continue to move in this direction.

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