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      Hanjiang Aerosol Filling Equipment Factory was established in 1989and renamed Aishaer Aerosol Manufacturing Co.. Ltd in 2003. YangzhouAishaer Aerosol Manufacture Co. Ltd is located in the picturesque city ofYangzhou, Jiangsu, China. After years of rapid development, it has becomea famous enterprise specialized in the aerosol flling machine and relatedengineering design. manufacturing and sales.
      After years of efforts. Aishaer has developed various aerosol fllingmachine. Meanwhile, Aishaer can also provide aerosol illing lines andturn-key projects.
      Aishaer have offered excellent equipment and comprehensive servicesto many famous domestic enterprises such as Xiuzheng PharmaceuticalGroup Company Limited". Shenzhen Sea Aerosol Co.. Ltd". Jiangsu RitefuGroup Company Limited" etc. Aishaer's products have been exported tomany countries and regions in the world.
      Aishaer has attracted many highly specialized technical talents ofmachinery design and manufacturing, electrical automation. Aishaer haspowerful R&D and process design capabilities.
      Backed by company's modern manufacturing facilities,  first-classtechnical talents and strict quality control systems, inheriting from the cultureessence  Going ahead with Clients Together, Aishaer focuses on thedevelopment, production and engineering of aerosol machinery. supplyingcustomers with fine, reliable and cost-effective machinery and turn-keyprojects.